Twelve year old Nashville recording artist Annabel Whitledge started her singing career doing solos in church programs, local talent shows and National Anthems at ball games. Her voice was heard by a family friend (Chris Caton) that had a love for country music and guitars. Together they quickly formed the group “Annabel Whitledge Music.”


Their first set together was 45 minutes long at age nine. From there things started to fall into place. The shows got bigger as well as the band. Joining them were Casey Caton on drums, Gary Caton on bass and Cathy Rogier on fiddle. 


Since then, Annabel saw her first Nashville stage at age ten, and many others just like it in the surrounding states of (Henderson) Kentucky, where she is from. 


Along this journey, she met number one charting country artist Jeff Bates. They quickly hit it off as friends and he is showing her the ropes of Nashville country music and even producing her first album, “No Strings."


Be looking out for this girl in a venue near you!